Sunday, January 15, 2006

switzerland and japan

ohkay, walk down a street in japan. how many languages can you hear? the answer proabaly is, only japanese. now, do the same in switzerland. you would probably hear many languages, like german, french, italian, english and so on. this is because switzerland is a linguistic melting pot country. each kanton, meaning state in switzerland has right to decide which language to teach in school.
even if this was same in japan, say each prefectures can decide which language to teach, japan would probably be same throughout the country; the second language would surely would be english.
so though, japan became pretty much a globalized country, compared to other countries, japan is still behind.


what i think recently is that how Japanese see foreigners is changing a lot. i really dont want to say this and no offence, but both of my grandparents hate foreigners, especially Chinese ppl. i havent asked them why, but whenever they mention about foreigners, it's in a bad way. and this isn't only my grandparents. many old ppl think this way. this probably is cuz when they were young, the world wasnt globalized as today. Today, you ride yamanote line from shibuya and back to shibuya again, you are prob able to see travellers from different countries, or ppl speaking languages other than japanese. many parents make their kids go to EIKAIWA schools, (English schools) from 2 years old, to make them able to speak English. sounds ridiculous, but this is how much ppl care about speaking english. the world is changing so fast.


im learning Chinese in my school now, which is my third language. what i realized by learning English and Chinese, is that there isn't anything that you can't translate into another language. duh,,u might think, but i think this proves that we are all human beings and all think, act and say the same ways, and that we have the same communication style.
for example, when girls are together, they go shopping, talk about their dates or gossips, or have sleepovers. even with the different religion, or culture, this communication style is the same. that's why we can translate one language to another and understand what they are saying in another language.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


i really enjoy watching sumo wrestling. its not as violent as other wrestlings, it's simple that even person like me can understand whats going on. yet its probably pretty tough for sumo wrestlers, because they have to eat a lot and train a lot.
well, i can probably go on forever explaining how brilliant they are, but that's not my point here. i am here to write that there finally is (maybe) 2 strong japanese sumo wrestlers, who are expected to beat the big Asa-shouryuu! Their names are Sawai and Kageyama. Sawai is 19 and Kageyama is only 18! they were strong in their highschool, so they are expected to become yokozuna by some ppl.
Did you know that 30% of sumowrestlers are foreigners?! the big Asa-shouryuu is a Mongolian too. but since sumo is a japanese wrestling, i want japanese wrestlers to become strong too :) i hope those two boys, one day, become as strong as Asa-shouryuu!


FINALLY, tomorrow is seijin-shiki!! i've waited for tomorrow for so long!! so long to wear kimono :) japanese traditional costume!
i feel so japanese wearing kimono. well this is because kimono is one of the few clothes that its style havent changed even a bit for a long time. (for real. not a bit!!) i bought my own kimono but some of my friends are gonna wear what their mother wore for seijin-shiki. (which is what...20 yrs ago?!)
the reason why it hasnt changed at all is probably because it really fits japanese culture and the japanese people's feelings. the bottom line is, the traditional stuff that is really needed and that really fits its culture dont need no help from gov or places like that.
if i have a daughter, i think i can make her wear the kimono ill wear tomorrow :)

DANCE! *linguafranca*

ohhh in trouble....i haven't updated this blog for what....2 montes?!..i dont know =P
well i was soooooo busy as in really-really busy with my circle activity again, but now that it's over, ill write in here as often as possible!
the circle im talking about here is a dance circle called ADL. it's one of the biggest circles in AGUS cuz there are about 150 memberz altogether :) lol
we had a dance performance on December 26th. it was soooo tiring but at the same time i had a brilliant time dancing on the stage!! there are many kinds of dances; jazz, hip-hop, lock, girl's hiphop, break dance, african, house, and so on. those dancez werent originally danced in japan (duh...) but they are one of the most popular dancez in japan. that's because each kind of dance has its own taste and beauty, and is excepted linguafranca ;) we can express our feelings through dancing and that's same w/ every other dancer in the world! isnt this fact amazingly beautiful?! well i think so :)

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Today i found this real cool site!
There are plain white eggs and one thats brownish right? say you have them infront of you. you can easily define which is which, because the color is different. well, crack them into a bowl. can you define which is which now? No, definetly not! because it looks exactly the same!
in this site, it said that this is the way they teach lower school kids that even if we look different outsite we are all the same inside. isnt this such a simple example yet real persasive?! ill post that site if i find it again =)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

communication style

Today, as a class assignment, I interviewed a Chinese person living in Japan for about 18 years. What she answered was actually pretty interesting. When i asked her what kind of problems had she had living in japan, she right away answered that she doesn't have any trouble living in japan, (she even added that japan is prob a safest country in this world!) but she still has trouble reading japanese people's mind. she said that japanese people don't speak things straight forward, like ppl in her country do, so she's having a difficulty understanding what's behind the conversation. yeah she is right, japanese dont speak straight forward. but why? this is probably from long time ago. Chinese and japanese are same asians but their style of communication is very different. how interesting...

Thursday, November 10, 2005


i havent updated this blog for such a long time, for i was sooooooooo busy with my circle activities, i decided to finally update today :p ill write what i heard from my friend today, that i thought was pretty interesting.
say you are living in another country. like me living in states. i would probabaly feel that i am Japanese. DUH... but according to my friend, this isnt quite true for foreigners living in japan. her friend from England feels that he is not English but "Gaijin" (=meaning foreigner in japanese)
i dont know if this is the same with other foreigners living in japan, but i kinda understand this person's feeling. though people from many countries live in japan, people would still turn around to see if someone's speaking in English, for example. meaning there still isnt that many foreigners. so that's probably why this person feels "gaijin" rather than English.
i would like to ask foreigners in japan, if they really feel so.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


The day before yesterday was Aoyama Festival :)
Luckily it didn't rain at all. i am in this circle called ADL, a dance circle, so we did dance performance outside. So many people came to see! it felt so good to perform what we have practiced so much.
There were so many other circles selling food, as in really..."MANY"!! Yakisoba, hotdogs etc...All of them were very expensive too :( like 300 yen for one hotdog!!!
during school festivals i always only eat food that i never tried before or food that i dont eat often. this time, I went to eat chizimi, very famous Korean food. It was sooooooo yummy!! The people who were making chizimi were students from korea, studying in japan. they were actually selling well, speaking fluent japanese and they soon sold out after i bought one. Kimuchi and chizimi is very famous korean food in japan. you can eat it in a lot of places in japan. isn't this kinda cultual diversity in japan?! people in japan probably natually started to eat, and now it is very well-known food.

i always think the fact that we can eat another country's traditional food shows the culture diversity. but what's interestin' is that, for example, the chizimi made by koreans and that made by japanese tastes quite different. what im saying is that, the taste of the another country's food is little bit changed to suit their own tongue.
likewise, the cultures in another country can be well perceived when we change a little, to suit our own style. well... at least that's what i think!
if something changes my mind, ill write again :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

*Welcome to the China Town*

MY GOSH!!!!! I didn't know that our blogs were linked to Mr. Ree's blog... (BTW am I using the word "link" right?) how embrassing...
I went to Yokohama to take pictures in my Kimono for Seijin-shiki yesterday =) yipee!!

After taking the picture, my family and I went to the China Town in Yokohama. Yesterday just happened to be some kind of a celebration day in Taiwan or something, and there was a HUGE festival going on. Stuedents from Chinese School were playing Chinese musical instruments and others were dancing in the monster looking...umm.. shishimai in Japanese!
I used to live in Taiwan and saw many festivals like I watched yesterday, but i kinda felt weird cuz here i am in
Japan and watching what i saw in Taiwan... I should have taken some pics to post here..darn it =(
Anyway, im real sick right now and can't really think so gottah go! cya guyz next monday=)

(BTW the pic above isn't related to anything... just wanted to see how it looks to post a pic=P)